Test for the detection of HLA-B5701 alleles

HLA B5701 Strip kit is a test based on the reverse hybridization principle, which allows the determination of HLA B5701 alleles, associated with hypersensitivity reactions to abacavir.

Since the introduction of combined antiretroviral therapy, HIV infection has evolved from being a serious and fatal disease to one which is chronic but controllable. Nevertheless, the drugs used for the treatment are associated with a series of undesired effects, such as severe hypersensitivity reactions, especially in the case of therapies using abacavir or nevirapine.

The WHO recommends abacavir as a second-line treatment, owing to the risk of hypersensitivity associated with its use, which affects 5-8 % of Caucasian patients.

Several studies have demonstrated the existence of a strong predictive correlation between hypersensitivity to abacavir and the presence of the HLA-B*5701 allele. In addition, a polymorphism located in HCP5 gene shows a perfect linkage disequilibrium with HLA-B*5701. The useful role of this SNP in predicting hypersensitivity to abacavir has been demonstrated, with a 100% sensitivity of detection using HLA B5701.

HLA B5701 Strip test is intended for use with samples from HIV-1 infected patients in the process of diagnosing the abacavir hypersensitivity.

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Specific and sensitive

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It includes HCP5 for more specificity

distincion homocigosis heterocigosis

Distinction of homozygosis and heterozygosis

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Automated reading with scanner available

Our products for the detection of HLA-B5701 alleles

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HLA B5701 Strip
Hybridization on Strip
DNA extracted from blood, saliva or tissues

It allows the detection of all HLA B5701 alleles related to the hypersensitivity of Abacavir.

Co-detection of the HCP5 SNP provides more specificity. The possibility of detection of homozygosity or heterozygosity provides valuable information for familiar studies of abacavir hypersensitivity.

It is a very easy to interpret test with the help of the standard strip, which can also be carried out with a scanner for greater convenience.

The hybridization process can be performed manually or using an automated system, so that the user only has to set up the reagents and strips, and remove the developed strips once the process is finished. This reduces the time that the user has to dedicate to the process.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    For the PCR amplification step: thermocycler (PTC-100 (MJ Research), MJ Mini Gradient Thermal Cycler (BioRad), Mastercycler Personal (Eppendorf), S1000 Thermal Cycler (BioRad)). For the hybridization step: Thermoshaker (Manual protocol: PST-60HL (Biosan S.L.) → 16 samples. Automated protocol: Profiblot T30 (Tecan) → 30 samples. Profiblot T48 (Tecan) → 48 samples. Autoblot 3000H (medTEC) → 20 samples. TENDIGO (Fujirebio) → 10 samples. DynaHeat (Dynex) → 30 samples. For the results interpretation step: strip template or reader: BloTrix R2 (BioSciTEc) → 16 samples. BloTrix S1 → 48 samples.

    any thermocycler can be used, as long as the ration volume is 50 µl. For the hybridization step: any thermocycler can be used, but a perfect temperature control must be ensured, as this step is critic. For the results interpretation step: no device is needed, it is only an aid. If needed, only Blotrix devices can be used, as no other devices are validated.

    All kits with reference for 16 strips include the trays inside the box. Those kits with reference for 48 strips are sold without trays inside the box. The reason is that those kits are designed for being used in automatic devices that already have their own trays. However, as some customers require some trays for manual devices, they are provided FOC outside the box. The reference for a two white trays package (8 channels in each tray) is 3.950.002.69.999. For each 48 strips kit, three packages of the mentioned reference will be needed.