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Rapid strip reader for reliable and accurate reading of results

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The OPERON rapid strip reader allows an objective reading and interpretation of the results obtained in the rapid tests, very useful in those borderline cases that generate doubts or where the human eye is not able to perceive the bands. In addition, it has an export system that allows the specialist to collect the data and transfer it to the patient’s file, so that all the results are perfectly traced.

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Easy to use and install

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Reliable and robust

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Suitable for different cassettes

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Detection of bands of different colours

LIS connectivity and cloud connection

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Lateral Flow Reader

Real multiplexing capability. The reader is able to detect the different coloured bands present in the same strip, across an image capture area. In addition, it makes use of different channels to process the image and improve the sensitivity in the detection of the different colour bands (e.g. red, blue and green). It also allows the analysis of results from two strips (double window cassette) through a single measurement.

Easy to use. The reader offers a stand-alone reading option, which is the quick loading of the program to run the test by scanning a Data Matrix associated with each product. This is done by using the code reader integrated in the equipment. In addition, it has a touch screen that allows the results to be displayed without the need for additional equipment, with a reading time of 15 seconds and a long battery life.

Reliable and robust. Great robustness in a portable size, with a drawer with magnetic locking detector that has trays adapted to all OPERON product cassettes. In addition, the reader system allows the activation or deactivation of the time counter (in case of products with incubation time), as well as the possibility of introducing the sample or patient ID automatically (through barcode) or manually.

On the other hand, its sensitivity is equal or superior to that of the human eye, and it has a double-check system that warns if the scanned ID has already been used before.

Connectivity. The reader has a USB port for connecting a printer or USB memory stick, allowing data transfer (such as PDF or CSV files, including images of the strips) to an external terminal. Securely export results to the Cloud and/or the laboratory information system (LIS).

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The reader has the capacity to store up to 200 results.

    Depending on usage, it has independence of up to 2 hours.

    Yes, through a simple communication protocol. For this, you can consult your OPERON representative or write to us at

    If the incubation has already been performed, according to each protocol, the result can be obtained in less than one minute.

    Yes, it can be connected to a printer. For information on which printers are compatible with the reader, please contact your OPERON representative or write to us at