Test for the detection and differentiation of 76 serotypes of S.pneumoniae

S. PneumoStrip kit is a test based on the reverse blot technique that allows the detection and identification of 76 serotypes of S. pneumoniae in DNA samples extracted from DNA from blood culture, pleural fluid, cerebrospinal fluid or bacterial cultures.
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Infections of S. pneumoniae represent an important public health problem in both industrialized nations as well as those that are less-developed. It is responsible for high mortality and lethality, as it is one of the main causative agents for a large variety of clinical conditions, from benign infections like otitis media and acute sinusitis to more severe infections such as septicaemia, meningitis and pneumonia. In fact, 1,6 million deaths are registered each year due to invasive pneumococcal disease. From all of them, 800,000 cases are children under 5 years.

The WHO recommends periodical surveys in all the countries for monitorizing the vaccine impact and for evaluating vaccination strategies. Therefore, S. pneumoniae serotyping is of particular importance from a clinical and epidemiological point of view.

In general, this serotyping is performed using a technique known as Quellung, which is considered nowadays as the Gold Standard. Nevertheless, the use of this method is time-consuming, elaborate and it requires specialized staff. In fact, its use is restricted to qualified laboratories.

S. PneumoStrip kit is the only test in the market that allows the easy and rapid identification of 76 serotypes S. pneumoniae, including the 23 used in the vaccines available (7-valent, 10-valent, 13-valent and 23-valent).

unico test molecular comercial

Only commercial molecular test

perfecta correlacion metodo referencia

Perfect correlation with Gold Standard

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76 serotypes in one test

automatiza proceso hibridacion

Possibility to automate the hybridization process

se puede usar sin realizar cultivo previo

No need of previous culture

Our products for the detection and differentiation of 76 serotypes of S.pneumoniae

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Hybridization on Strip
DNA from bacterial cultures, blood culture, pleural fluid, cerebrospinal fluid
Test for the detection and differentiation of 76 serotypes of S.pneumoniae

The only commercial molecular test with IVD-CE marking for the genetic serotyping of S. pneumoniae. It allows the detection and differentiation of 76 serotypes in a single test, including those present in vaccines, which allows monitoring the efficacy and effect of the vaccines.

It has a 99.9% correlation with Gold Standard (Quellung), with the added advantage of being faster, simpler and cheaper. In addition, it allows the use of samples without a previous culture, so that results can be obtained even from those strains that are not viable in culture.

As it can detects and differentiates all serotypes in a single test, it is very useful when co-infections are present. This is very useful for carrier studies as well as for other epidemiological studies. The detection of 3 internal controls allows the unequivocal identification of S. pneumoniae even in the presence of other pneumococci.

The technique can be automated and the result can be read with the help of a scanner, allowing the results to be recorded and optimizing the execution of the test.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The kit was initially designed to be used on culture samples, so the best results are obtained using them. Nevertheless,  it has been shown in different studies to be useful also with non-cultured samples. In those cases, the sensitivity of the test may be affected by having less DNA in the starting sample, which would be reflected in the lack of signal in the internal controls of the test. If so, sensitivity can be increased by performing individual PCRs with each set of primers, instead of performing a single PCR with all primers.

    No. The detection of 3 internal controls allows unequivocal identification of S. pneumoniae, even in the presence of other pneumococci.