Yesterday, Wednesday 4th October, we celebrated the laying of the foundation stone of what will be our new headquarters at Plataforma Logística de Zaragoza (Plaza). This event coincides with the celebration of our 50th anniversary on 20 October.

On such a special day for us, we feel very supported by the Aragonese scientist Carlos Martín, a pioneer in the research and development of new live vaccines against tuberculosis, as the sponsor of the event, to whom we are deeply grateful. We also had the presence of Raquel Campos, Director General of Strategic Planning and Logistics of the Government of Aragon, who highlighted the exporting vocation of Operon S.A. since its beginnings and pointed out that Operon S.A. started the process of internationalisation in the 1970s. At a time when our country was beginning to lay the foundations of an incipient democracy, we were already crossing borders to export our products to other markets. We were also honoured by the mayoress of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca Muñoz, who recognised the important work of this company and emphasised that Operon S.A. has managed to become one of the pioneering companies in Spain through hard and constant work.

The event was also attended by other institutional representatives and other representatives of the regional and national business and health sectors, to whom we are also grateful for having accompanied us on this very special day.

We would like to show you a photographic souvenir of the most important moments.

Thank you all very much and here’s to another 50 years of innovation and future.

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