OPERON’s new lateral flow reader offers true multiplexing capability, through a simple and reliable interface that also allows the transfer of the data obtained in the device.

  • Real multiplexing capability: The reader offers different color lines in the same strip and better sensitivity. It offers also the usage of different channels to treat the image and to improve sensitivity in the detection of different color lines such as red, blue and green. Futhermore, the reader allows th analysis of the results of 2 trips in one single measurement.
  • Easy to use: Portable, stand-alone reading: quick test method load by scanning a product Data Matrix using the integrated barcode reader. The touch screen allows to see results from 15 seconds and without additional devices. It also has real battery autonomy.
  • Reliable and robust: Robustness in small size, with equal or superior sensitivity than human eye. Robust drawer and magnetic closing detection, adapted to all OPERON cassettes. It also offers the possibility of activating/deactivating the time counter (if incubation time is needed), and also the possibility of reading sample/patient ID barcode, or enter it manually Sample/Patient ID check duplicate. The reader warns the user to avoid ID repetitions.
  • Connectivity: UBS port to connect either a slim USB memory stick or a printer. Possibility of data transfering (as pdf.file and/or csv.file) to a slim USB memory stick, including strips images.

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