OPERON is glad to announce the launching of its new product: Simple Calprotectina, a rapid test for the detection of human Calprotectin.

The OPERON Calprotectina immunochromatographic assay is a rapid test for the semi-quantitative detection of human Calprotectin in faecal samples as an indicator of the gastrointestinal inflammation present in various pathologies (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, colorectal cancer,…).

A positive result indicates the presence of Calprotectin in the faecal sample above a value of 50-100 µg/g (see the section on “Reading the Results”). Several publications appoint to this cut-off value as the most suitable one to differentiate between organic intestinal inflammation that usually occurs with Calprotectin concentrations above 50-100 µg/g and a functional intestinal disease (such as irritable bowel syndrome) which usually presents concentrations below 50-100 µg/g.

Simple Calprotectina is a non-invasive and cost-effective method for the detection f Calprotectin in human faeces. It is also an excellent tool for a rapid, simple and reliable screening of IBD patients.

If you are interested in our Simple Calprotectina, please visit RAPID TESTS.

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