The Asociación Celíaca Aragonesa has published a list that includes several of the pharmacies where our CD2WB coeliac test is available. You can consult it both on their website and through the new ASOCIACIÓN CELIACA ARAGONESA app, which can be downloaded from both Play Store and Apple Store (only available in spanish for the moment).

With a simple finger prick performed by the pharmacist, the CD2WB test allows you to find out whether you have antibodies against the main immunological markers for the diagnosis of coeliac condition, thus providing a first approximation of the diagnosis. And all this in less than 15 minutes!

For more information, you can ask in all those pharmacies located in Aragón:

Farmacia ESPUNY. Pº Fernando el Católico 31, Zaragoza.
Farmacia ESPUNY TOBAR. Pº Fernando el católico 40, Zaragoza.
Farmacia RUIZ POZA. C/ Coso 125, Zaragoza.
Farmacia LINARES MUÑAGORRI. C/ Juan II de Aragón 5, Zaragoza.
Farmacia ARTAL. Pº Sagasta 8, Zaragoza.
Farmacia SENANTE Actur. C/ Pablo Neruda 26, Zaragoza.
Farmacia ALQUÉZAR. C/ Juan Pablo Bonet 17, Zaragoza.
Farmacia HERAS 2.0. C/ Menéndez Pidal 21, Huesca.
Farmacia MARROSALUD. C/ Coso Bajo 54, Huesca.

If you are interested in offering this kind of service in your pharmacy, inside or outside Spain, you can contact us at

What is celiac condition?

Celiac disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine, triggered by the ingestion of gluten or related proteins found in wheat, barley, oats and rye. As a result, total or subtotal atrophy of the intestinal villi occurs in genetically predisposed individuals, preventing the intestinal tract from absorbing nutrients properly.

How do I know if I have celiac condition?

There is a wide range of initial screening tests, from genetic testing for celiac predisposition to serological tests that detect antibodies. All of them can contribute to an approximation and guide in the diagnosis of celiac disease, which must always be confirmed by your doctor through the corresponding complementary tests, such as an intestinal biopsy.

What are the highlights of the rapid tests?

It is a simple,easy and minimum invasive procedure, using only capillary blood collection (through finger punction). Results in 15 minutes. It can be used as a guide for diagnostic orientation towards more specific confirmatory tests. Results interpretation can be done both visually or automatically, using our OPERON lateral flow reader.

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